HISTORY OF JOO HWA Food (From a humble beginning to a famous chinese food delivery in singapore e-commerce website)

From a humble beginning to a famous Chinese food delivery in Singapore e-commerce website!!

In 1970s, Joo Hwa started out on the streets of Chinatown by a few brothers and sisters selling fresh Yong Tau Foo, prawn roll and fishballs. During the early days, all the products are freshly handmade over at the stall, as there is no refrigerators over at the streets. At that time. Business was overwhelming, queue started to form before opening hours.

What is the reason behind the customers Love for Joo Hwa Yong Tau Foo?

Because we focused on quality, freshness and also our products are value for Money.

The founders of Joo Hwa strictly emphasise on their products Quality and Freshness till today. Fishes that are used must be bought fresh everyday. Any products or raw materials that is not up to their expectations, you will see it in the rubbish bins!

So, do you think that fresh and quality must be expensive? Oh you are wrong!

The founder would repeat his “teaching” to us- Our products must be affordable and reasonably priced. Consumer can enjoy cooking their favorite food at home such as Yong Tau Foo soup and steamboat.

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In the 80s, Joo Hwa Food moved to Ang Mo Kio industrial Park 3. We started mass production of Ngoh Hiang, Prawn Roll, Yong Tau Foo, Fishballs and fishcakes. Then we started supplying our products to wet markets and coffeeshops.

In year 2008, the 2nd generation took over the running of Joo Hwa Food. New technologies were introduced to the manufacturing process. Thus, improved the quality and consistencies of products, strict hygiene policies were further enhanced.

Moving into the next phase of expanding, Joo Hwa Food invested more time in the branding, to make the 40 year old brand able to move with the times.

This e-commerce/chinese food delivery singapore website was setup to provide customers with more choices and ease of shopping. Rest assured we love to do things by the hard way!

We make, we sell, we deliver all by ourselves! That is the only way you & i will feel safe when you enjoy our products especially our  yong tau foo!